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2123CCcrop1Being your Wisconsin State Treasurer would be an honor and a responsibility that I take very seriously.  Please take the time to explore my site and to understand why preserving this elected office and restoring the duties to the state treasurer is important.  Understanding the issues, history and citizen benefits along with finding out more about me and my motivation will help you to make your choice at the voting booth.  Thank you and God Bless!

Dave Sartori


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Election or Referendum? – Checks or Balances?

At first glance the voter may not understand the relevance of this election. What it has really boiled down to is a choice between retaining and supporting a vital government office or for expedience sake abolishing it. But what does this really mean to the WIsconsin citizen, the taxpayer? And what is the history and the constitutional consequence of this choice? Let’s take a few minutes to examine.

Some Wisconsin history… back in 1846 the first draft of Wisconsin’s State Constitution was rejected. It was voted down because our early state forefathers of German and Scandinavian decent had experienced first hand the threat of a government that lacks proper checks and balances. It took two years to debate and negotiate a constitution that they finally agreed would allow for a safe balance of power and accountability.

Since 1848 our State of Wisconsin has operated fairly well and the “powers that be” served in this environment. Now it is being proposed that we eliminate one of the very legs that supports this balance of power within our state government. Do we dare allow our government more power with less accountability to it’s citizens?

Is this a power play? Who gains the power and who looses it? Are we ready to give certain government departments free reign with no checks and balances?

Think about it. The State Treasurer’s Office plays a vital role in asking certain questions, in justifying certain expenditures, in determining responsibility for funding, sourcing, administering. Should one large already overburdened Department of Revenue oversee all issues financial in this state? Do we want to make it easier for these decisions to be quickly and quietly made in Madison? Should there be someone to challenge or would that just “get in the way”?

And what about the dismantling of the Office of Sate Treasurer? If my memory serves me, past treasurers ran on a platform for eliminating this office and later found that it was not as easy it it sounds. According to our constitutional rules this issue will require representation in two consecutive legislative sessions and then will require a vote by state referendum in order to eliminate it. Now, I’m not saying that this could not occur, but clearly it will require much work and support and then the vote of the citizens. So, we roll the dice on receiving a vote to eliminate the office and meanwhile the Treasurer and employees collect their salaries for perhaps several years or until the next election or indefinitely? Let’s really talk about cutting waste, let’s look at this office for what it could and should be. Let’s not be penny wise and dollar foolish.

The Office of State Treasurer was intended to carry out important functions and did so up until the recent past. Somewhere, somehow, someone saw a substantial amount of fiscal power and revenue and it seems to be in the sights of other governmental departments intended to operate in a checks and balances relationship and now that balance is at stake.

I will share my thoughts on other important matters such as Treasury Office employee conditions, Unclaimed Property, 529 Edvest Program, Municipal Investment Fund, cutting waste and other topics. Check this site for further info or feel free to contact me with your thoughts or questions.


Dave Sartori